My name is Zuzanna - I'm a UX designer

Zuzanna Nebes

Born and raised in Warsaw, currently living in Zurich (Switzerland). Professionally - User Experience Designer with Human-Computer Interaction-focused educational background and 6+ years of experience acquired across a diverse set of projects.

I’m interested in how people assimilate and accommodate knowledge, how we add meaning to everyday things, and how we interact with them in a unique, individual and yet predictable way. Finally, I’m interested in aiding this process when it comes to design.



Sketch App, Balsamique Mockups;
Graphic Design
Photoshop, Illustrator;
Usability Testing
User Based Evaluation, Heurestic Evaluation, Cognitive Walkthrough
Social Informatics & Interactive Technologies, The University of York, UK.
One-year, joint course shared between the Department of Sociology and the Computer Science Department covers topics related to Human-Computer Interaction such as User Centred Design, Advanced Topics in Interactive Technologies, Web Design, Understanding Users etc.
Education with major in Early & Compensatory Education, The University of Warsaw, Poland.
5–year, full-time MA program covers topics related to Human’s Education with modules such as Psychology of Human Development, Cognitive Psychology , Social Psychology, Theoretical Bases of the Learning Difficulties etc.


the way i work


Personas are a starting point in defining user groups, their goals, their environment and struggles.

Problem scenarios describes current practise. Followed by claim analysis they give the insight of how people work, think and overcome daily problems, that new system targets to eliminate.


Activity scenarios describe ideas of how to meet the users' needs. Showing how the system will work before concentrating on visual aspect helps to overcome difficulties of using multi-disciplinary teams for system development.

Evaluation is the most important part. Carefully performed, can reduce time and costs of developing the product.


With the conceptual design in hand, I use prototypes to test my ideas with users.

Creating design system for the product results with the specification for developers to do their magic.

"The public is more familiar with bad design than good design. It is, in effect, conditioned to prefer bad design, because that is what it lives with. The new becomes threatening, the old reassuring."

Paul Rand (Design, Form, and Chaos)

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